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My professional Body Image BUNDLE will give you immediate strategies and tools to use with clients!

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Did you know ...

that our client's body image objections are just a way to avoid their body grief?  We know they have been gaslit their entire lives that their bodies are the problem.  It's OUR turn to hold the burden for them. They don't need another quick fix or rehearsed response.  They need you to sit in the suck with them when it comes to their body grief.  They need you to hold space for their doubt. This bundle will give you a starting point to do all these things!

I'm Ready!

The Provider BODY IMAGE Bundle

This bundle is for someone who... 

  •  wants to help their clients get unstuck with their body image and resonates with the idea of body grief.
  • is looking to gain clarity on how to serve their clients better when it comes to body image.
  •  thrives learning on their own and is ready to implement new techniques and strategies TODAY!  

Then this is the course for you!

What's Included In The Bundle...



High Level Master Class Training: Understanding Body Image From a Clinical Perspective!

  • A 45 minute training on a therapeutic framework to understanding body image, identifying Body Image through grief work & techniques to begin Body Image work with our clients
  •  insight into body image from a clinical perspective
  •  The ability to identify the grief of body image
  •  Conversational pieces to support your clients through body grief

You’ll finish this class with tools to immediately implement with clients!


Introduction to Body Grief Course

This module is EXCLUSIVE to my Body Grievers Course and now accessible to my professionals.  Understand Body Grief from a client’s perspective and have language to help support them.

  •  You'll get access to my body grief method broken down
  •  How to hold space for client's grief
  •  Easy to implement strategies for clients to use in session.



Beyond Body Image 101!

This is the very FIRST module (and self study) of my updated program - Body Image Bootcamp for the professional. Understanding the roots of body image sets the groundwork to help our clients challenge their negative surface level thoughts!

  • We will deep dive into the intersectionality of body image 
  •  We will explore my very own body image spectrum
  •  We will discuss best practices for scope of practice (and harm reduction techniques!)




You will get

  •  Two 2-hour Professional Q+A sessions, slideshow and overview of all questions asked and answered are included in this unique offer.
  •  My Body Image Provider Techniques workbook 
  • 30 Minute Training of the 3 Body Image Hurdles + Extended Workbook.
  •  My 20 page Body Grievers Workbook to use in session with clients! (can not be redistributed)


This Bundle Is For You If...

  •  You want a more in-depth understanding of what body image really is...
  • You need techniques to begin working with clients RIGHT AWAY!
  • You want to have a deeper understanding of body grief so you can better help your clients.
  • You could use a brief overview of scope of practice.

I'm Bri Campos. I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in New Jersey.

I have worked with clients in Eating Disorder Recovery for 6+ years and has a special interest in body image. I am passionate about using the Health at Every Size (HAES) paradigm when it comes to helping clients make peace with their here and now body.

I am passionate that every provider is armed with the necessary tools and skills to handle conversations around body image.

I am excited to partner with providers to help them become confident in their work with body image {and offer their clients TRUE healing}.



What you get in this offer...

  • High Level Master Class ($297 VALUE)
  • Introduction to Body Grief Course ($297 VALUE)
  • Beyond Body Image 101 Course ($297 VALUE)
  • BONUSES ($449 VALUE)

Total Value: $1,340

Get it Now for $397!




The Provider BODY IMAGE Bundle

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$199 x2

2 Monthly Payments


"The Bundle has given me the language and the tools to be able to ask the right questions to help clients peel back the layers when it comes to body image work. It helped me understand that I don't have to fix everything, that sometimes this stuff just sucks and it's okay to sit in that. I can't explain it. but this training tied up all of the education I have received in intuitive and body image and made everything click somehow. It was the missing piece for me and taking this training has made me so much more confident in my abilities as a coach."

-Meaghan C. Wellness Coach

Bri makes complicated topics feel manageable and her casual, light hearted teaching style makes learning fun .

-Serena M. RD 

"I'm grateful to Bri for her willingness and passion to share her extensive experience and knowledge with us all so more folks can benefit"

-Michelle V. Body Confidence & Certified Intuitive Eating Coach