The Body Grievers Group Course:

Deconstruct Your Negative Body Image and Get Ready
to Live Your Life

Have you ever asked yourself: 

I want to stop hating my body, but I don’t know where to start?

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I know the feeling. I see you and I hear you – because I’ve been you.


Before I discovered HAES (Health at Every Size), I used to think that I couldn’t be happy or healthy in a larger body. I thought I had to change my body first in order to live the life I’d always dreamed of. I was being crushed by holding my body to an unattainable standard forced upon us all by diet culture. I found myself trapped in a loop of negative body image thoughts that I was desperate to break free from.

I knew I needed to make a change.

I needed to change what body acceptance meant to me.

➡ I needed to think of this work as an excavation – because achieving    true self-love and acceptance meant digging deeply within myself to challenge the negative self-image beliefs ingrained in me so that I could truly begin to grow and flourish.

➡ I needed to learn how to sit in the suck and discomfort of what I call body grief – the distress caused by the perceived loss accompanied with body changes, which are so often entirely out of our control.

This wasn’t easy work, friends. But I’m here to tell you that it is possible to achieve body neutrality and take control of your life. Because I did it myself. I developed my Body Grief Course using the framework I personally used to make space for my own body grief and learn to love myself unconditionally.

Maybe you’re asking yourself something else now – How do I do it?

Let's dig in, together!


“Grief shared is grief abated.”

– Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, creator of the five stages of grief.

As a body image coach and licensed professional counselor, as well as a person who worked to build their own body confidence, I know that working through body grief can feel frustrating and profoundly isolating. You begin to feel like you’re the only one dealing with these negative thoughts, fears, and anxieties about your body image.

But you are not alone, friends.

A powerful antidote to our body shame is the truth that we don’t have to do this work by ourselves. That’s why I designed the Body Grievers Group Course to focus on cultivating community. My Body Grievers Community is a group of people who have dedicated themselves to learning to make peace with their body, regardless of shape or size – just like you!

If you are looking for an intimate community where we’ll meet LIVE over the course of three months to process our body grief together and uplift each other.

If you are looking for a supportive environment to challenge your negative beliefs and body distress so you can reach a place of body neutrality where you can begin to thrive.

If you are looking for a hands-on approach to learn-- where you’ll work directly with me to develop tools and techniques for body acceptance.

Then look no further. My Body Grievers Group Course is exactly what you’ve been searching for. In this course, you’ll find resources, guidance, and of course, community. Together, we’ll do the complex work of sitting in the suck of body grief and move towards body image acceptance and body neutrality.


The Body Grievers Group Course

What is included:

            10 LIVE Modules on Body Grief ($997)

            ➤ 5 LIVE Support Group Calls with Bri ($2500)
               + 5 Bonus Support Group Calls with Body Image Coach Jana

            ➤ Body Grievers Course Workbook ($97)

            ➤ Exclusive Body Grievers Community Facebook Group ($47)


             ➤ Access my Body Grievers Library ($397)

             ➤ Access to 3 Upcoming Master Classes ($200)

Total Value: $4238

Get it LIVE for the last time in 2022!

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5 LIVE Support Group Calls with Bri
+  5 *Bonus* Support Group Calls with Body Image with Bri Coach Jana

In our support groups, we talk about everything. This is an incredible opportunity to build a supportive community with me and your fellow group members.  We can cry. We can laugh. We can learn from each other. Most importantly, we will uplift each other on our individual exploration.

10 LIVE Modules on Body Grief

In these intimate sessions, you’ll join me and your fellow Body Grievers LIVE as I teach you how to create your personal toolkit of resources that will allow you understand the root of your body image challenges, how make space for your feelings of body grief, and how to learn to let go of body image beliefs that are no longer serving you. These jam-packed modules will be recorded – so you can refer back to our lessons as long as you need to!

1. Access to Bri's Body Grievers Library

Through the purchase of this course you will gain EXCLUSIVE access to all my Body Griever Club Master Classes! From Movement from a PT to Living Value Aligned - you are NOT gonna want to miss out on the hours of continued learning!

2.. Access to 3 Upcoming Master Classes

You will get FREE access to our Fall Body Griever Club Master Classes! 

Exclusive Facebook Group

The Facebook Group will be another way to help you process your grief and provide support for you! This group will add continued support you during our time off-screen. 

Body Grievers Workbook

A jam-packed workbook of all the tools, tips & activities we will complete each week in the LIVE class! This workbook will ENHANCE your learning experience and provide you with tangible, visual support. 


The Body Grievers Group Course

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Payment Plan

$347 X3

3 Monthly Payments

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"Bri’s ability to explain things... Hearing from other women going through such similar stages... Feeling less alone in all of this!"

-Kimberli K.

"The Body Grievers group was a fantastic way to explore how my body image evolved over my entire life and how things in my childhood and teenage years really impacted my body image.  ...Identifying my core values and comparing those against bad body image thoughts was a really useful exercise that I've continued to practice since the group."

-Stephanie H.

I loved being with like minded women, and I really feel like we made connections that will carry after the group ends. Somehow knowing I am not the only one going through these things lessens the burden of dealing with body image issues.

-Erin W.

Can't join us LIVE? NO PROBLEM!

This option is perfect for someone who wants the freedom to go through the course at their own pace and time and is not looking for group support at this time. The Self-Study Option includes the Modules on Body Grief and the Body Grievers Workbook. 

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